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Leia. 20. New York.

Fordham University. Proud (greater) Bostonian. INFP.

Intersectional feminist, dog lover, avid reader, coffee drinker, knowledge junkie.

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every cat is a kitty and every dog is a puppy as far as i am concerned


Today via snapchat

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i’m so sleepy and i wanna nap all day

but i’m also hungry

and i also wanna play a new game i just got



i have a final in 20 minutes that i haven’t studied for

wish me luck :):):):)


so i think my ear/skin healed around my conch piercing and now the whole back is completely enveloped by skin? help?????


i have a paper due tomorrow morning

and it’s actually a super fun topic like i’m literally writing about mean girls

and i can’t make myself do anymore of it like what the fuck is wrong with me

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a summary of my day, courtesy of snapchat

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tomorrow i have to give a fucking presentation and i haven’t finished my powerpoint yet

i’m not making any progress though so i think i’m going to bed and then will just wake up early tomorrow morning

i just hope i actually wake up because sometimes i don’t 


i printed out the article i have to read so that’s enough homework for today right?


I’m living the dream right now
I’m home for the weekend so for dinner I had red wine, cheese pizza, and pillsbury pumpkin cookies
Now I am freshly showered and in my queen size bed which even has a new set of sheets on it
Life is good


i am so excited to go home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!


rip xkit for chrome :(

Sparkly flower cupcake 😍 (at Magnolia Bakery)

Sparkly flower cupcake 😍 (at Magnolia Bakery)

i never want to stop watching orphan black

on the topic of nice pranks

one of my class’s pranks senior year was to bring as many baked goods as possible to our front desk receptionist lady who was retiring that same year (she basically ran the school i don’t know how that place is still functioning without her)

she was so happy and all my teachers kept telling us how much they loved that idea

bottom line: do nice pranks and everyone gets enjoyment out of it!