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Fordham University. Proud (greater) Bostonian. INFP. Coffee drinker, feminist, and Oxford comma enthusiast.

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okay so i bought this new deodorant yesterday and it smells SO GOOD

it’s secret brand but it’s like “paris collection” or some shit in the scent romantic rose which is ridiculous but omg it smells like springtime and happiness all rolled into one sweat-blocking stick

seriously go smell it i feel like i have a garden in my armpits

guys i think i got asked out earlier tonight

like what

what is this

this doesn’t happen to me


okay fuck this it is so nice out and i don’t want to spend another hour on a failed music player so here is the link to the playlist i made on grooveshark if you want to listen to it i give up

also if any of you know how i could easily integrate a music player onto my blog my ask is always open

please bear with me while i attempt to put a music player on my blog (don’t worry, it won’t play automatically when you open the page)

i’m having difficulties because i just created a good mix on grooveshark but then realized that their player doesn’t really work with my current theme so i played around with the idea of changing my theme but that was more work than i wanted to do

so now i’m trying to find a way to import that playlist into scm player but it isn’t working and i may have to manually import all the songs??? fuck that man

i disgust myself

i just devoured three cinnamon buns in one sitting

and i ate two of them for breakfast this morning


just did so many dishes (most of which were not mine) that my hands are pruny…



my ex has a neckbeard

i suppose it was only a matter of time

So I did this thing here

Name: Leia
Western Star Sign: Capricorn (The goat)
Chinese Zodiac (Animal): Rooster (The Perfectionist)
Western Element: Earth (Stability)
Chinese Element: Water (Shui)
Planet: Saturn (Morose)
Yin-Yang Symbol: Yin
Celtic Druid Zodiac: Fir Tree (The Mysterious)
Birthstone: Garnet (Sensuality)
Divine Number: One (The Leader)
Season: Winter
Divine Color: Orange (The Mature)
Day of the Week: Friday

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the perfectionist in me keeps screaming that if i can’t do my best work, then i shouldn’t bother doing it at all

but the realist in me who is afraid for her grades is yelling back that it’s better to turn in something than nothing

this happens every damn night and thankfully it seems as though the realist is winning at the moment, but i wish it wasn’t such a struggle to convince myself to do my damn school work

this has been a post.

My alarms for tomorrow morning. I WILL get up and exercise before showering. I’m sleeping in my workout clothes, I laid out my shoes, and I have fitness videos already open on my computer. There is literally no excuse for me not to workout (especially since I need to shower pretty bad anyway. Might as well get a little dirtier before cleaning myself up!)

I will do this. Tomorrow will be a good day.

can someone please explain to me why i didn’t go to class today

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just scrolling through my dash and came across the most ridiculous string of self promos i think i’ve ever seen

just scrolling through my dash and came across the most ridiculous string of self promos i think i’ve ever seen

i have some kind of stomach bug and i hate everything

i woke up at like 2:30 am and couldn’t stop throwing up all morning and now i haven’t in a while but my stomach still hurts and i’m dehydrated so trying to eat this one piece of toast is really difficult because i have no saliva

and yes i’m trying to rehydrate but it’s not like i can just chug a bottle of water real fast. my roommate was such a sweetheart and got me some ginger ale and powerade from the caf so i’ve been drinking some of that with water and everything but i’m nervous to put too much in my belly in case i throw it up 

also i missed three classes today thanks to this little fucker and i just got back from spring break so my professors probably think i’m just a lazy asshole 

so that’s what’s going on in my world

Because everything happens for a reason.

Because everything happens for a reason.