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Leia. 20. New York.

Fordham University. Proud (greater) Bostonian. INFP.

Coffee in one hand, book in the other.

Feminist, dog lover, knowledge junkie, and Oxford comma enthusiast.

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i think i’m gonna cut my hair short



i want new sheets

one of my roommates just got some new ones recently from bed bath & beyond that are wicked soft and i want to get the same ones

but she’s out at a bbc event (she interns there) so i can’t ask her what kind they are/what material they’re made of

and i know i only have to wait a little bit for her to get home but i wanna order them nowwww with my body pillow!!

not sorry for the puppy spam happening rn

NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers
When you get this, publicly say 5 things you like about yourself and send it to 10 of your favorite followers :) (but only if you want to do so!)
this is so sweet of you guys!!! i’m just combining this into one post because i really don’t think i could come up with ten, five is tough enough!! here goes:
  1. i like my laugh and how often i use it
  2. i like that i’m compassionate and care for others
  3. i like that i’m willing to accept criticisms and grow/change from them
  4. i like that i am pretty good at decorating/interior design stuff
  5. and lastly, i like how imaginative my mind is, even if i don’t always put down its creations on paper

as for the people i’m tagging, i want each and every one of you who sees this to do it (and tag me so i can read ‘em)! but more specifically, i want to see lotheshewolfwhatsananais, susnshin, rabiosi, accordingtoyouuu, babyitshere, fearless-melodies, imaginepeacelovehappiness, my-glass-menagerie, and thesassyrebel do this! gogogo

why yes, actually, i am an expert

why yes, actually, i am an expert


i can’t wait until 4 pm when the package room reopens so i can go and get my package 

i hope i hope i hope it has my microsoft shit so i can finally set up my mac to operate as a windows computer with parallels

the only reason i’m doing this is for my sims, i shit you not

i tried doing it just with downloads but i need physical copies of things and i’ve been trying to get it to work so i can play sims 3 optimally, but now that sims 4 is out, i think if i can get the windows shit to work in the first place then i will buy and download sims 4 and I’M SO EXCITED

i’ve been perusing different tags related to the game and all i wanna do is explore every little bit of it!! i want to create a family and build houses and discover new social interactions and ahhhhh i know it has problems and it’s annoying that it’s missing toddlers and pools and proper neighborhoods but i’m so fucking excited for all the new stuff that i just can’t bring myself to care yet!!

keep your fingers crossed for me that my package is my windows disc and not just another textbook :D


so i started reading harry potter last night

just spent the past three hours trying to fix my sims game (it wouldn’t load past the maxis screen) and i think i finally got it but i had to delete a ton of cc :( 

what’s also annoying is that i think some of the package files i have installed still aren’t being used by my game for some reason? like i still have the mod that skips the intro but it didn’t work when i last loaded my game. it’s a small price to pay for a working game but i’m nervous there might be more files that i didn’t get rid of that aren’t showing up in game now

urgh why is simming on a mac so difficult?? 

It all matters. That someone turns out the lamp, picks up the windblown wrapper, says hello to the invalid, pays at the unattended lot, listens to the repeated tale, folds the abandoned laundry, plays the game fairly, tells the story honestly, acknowledges help, gives credit, says good night, resists temptation, wipes the counter, waits at the yellow, makes the bed, tips the maid, remembers the illness, congratulates the victor, accepts the consequences, takes a stand, steps up, offers a hand, goes first, goes last, chooses the small portion, teaches the child, tends to the dying, comforts the grieving, removes the splinter, wipes the tear, directs the lost, touches the lonely, is the whole thing.
What is most beautiful is least acknowledged.
What is worth dying for is barely noticed.

Laura McBride, We Are Called to Rise
The brave and beautiful @brittanycmason having a great hair day on the NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon today. So proud of you for making it to the other side of your battle against cancer!

The brave and beautiful @brittanycmason having a great hair day on the NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon today. So proud of you for making it to the other side of your battle against cancer!

Irrationally upset that my friend hooked up with this guy I’ve been crushing on for the past like week

Guess what I did today!!!

Guess what I did today!!!

it’s 3 am and i’m drunk

talk to me please


i could use some good old fashioned sexual tension in my life right about now